Mr Carsisi

I consider certain things in the world to be cool for example David Beckham in his jocks,a

Monkey riding a Segway

tailored three-piece suit and a monkey riding a Segway (check it out on youtube). After a trip to Mr Carsisi there was a potential new kid on the block, I made my excuses to go back and make sure.

I’ve been to Kyneton several times and haven’t a clue what else is there apart from beautiful Piper Street. Piper Street is the home of Mr Carsisi which is nestled between niche shops, cafes and restaurants (check out Pizza Verde for a delicious, organic pizza from their wood-fired ovens) and Annie Smithers which is slightly more gourmet. On first impressions Mr Carsisi puts you at ease with it’s tin roof and homely furniture; a far cry from some of the more wanky restaurants in Melbourne’s big smoke.

I decided to revisit Mr Carsisi after an outrageously moorish first attempt, this time for the girlfriend’s birthday lunch (yes, I know, I put other guys to shame with my good looks, witty humour and thoughtfulness). This time we decided to share a couple of the mezze plates, we went for halloumi & mint fritters and Dawson’s orange blossom honey as well as fried calamari, radish, pomegranate & olive salad, Tahini & garlic dressing.


When the starters came, in order to curb the table next-door’s food envy, I tucked straight into the calamari. Deliciously soft calamari with the freshness of the radishes and pomegranate bringing out the flavour, a big tick from me. Next up was the halloumi and mint fritters; halloumi and mint a match made in heaven, I expected big things! Unfortunately like the England cricket team in this years Ashes they didn’t reach my high hopes, the halloumi was great, salty, well cooked and the batter was light, however, I was hoping for a good boot of fresh, minty aftertaste to go with the sweetness of the honey which unfortunately didn’t arrive.

Next up, we both chose the (lamb) sour cherry & almond Khoresht, pistachio crusted double lamb cutlet, braised spinach, carrot & currant pilav. Again this came out and looking stunning.

The lamb was cooked beautifully pink (as requested) with a wonderful crunch from the pistachios and other fatty goodness, this couldn’t be faulted, but the real winner was the Khoresht. Slow braised lamb which melted in your mouth with the crunch of almond and hint of cherry, a fantastic combination. The rice was nice as an accompaniment, all in all an amazing dish.


So to sum up, a fantastic meal, a great atmosphere (even at 1pm on a Monday) and a cool (without being über trendy) place which although surrounded by some of the best regional restaurants in Victoria I will recommend to friends.

Price – 7

Quality of food – 8

Atmosphere – 8 (for Monday lunch)

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