Whispering Vines at Trofeo Estate

After a fairly indulgent Saturday night, Sunday morning is a time for relaxation. I want a big, cooked breakfast and an inviting chair that’s got a maternal instinct; one that will hug me like my mum did when I was sick. It doesn’t have to be anything flash, just a place that gets the basics right. Being a Richmond Tigers supporter you learn not to have huge expectations; having never heard of Trofeo Estate their cafe, unlike the Tigers vs Blues later that day in the finals, this turned out to be a huge win.

Lazy Sunday at Whispering Vines

Lazy Sunday at Whispering Vines

Set on a stunning estate on the Mornington Peninsula, their converted barn looks out onto the lake, the setting is truly stunning. As I sat in my comfy chair listening to some big swing band playing over the airwaves and learning that they have both AllPress Coffee and where possible they grow their own produce biodynamically (organic for those less health-aware), I couldn’t be happier.

I ordered the standard scrambled eggs on toast with a few mushrooms so nothing too adventurous, whereas ‘the missus’ ordered smashed avocado with goats cheese and dukkah. On arrival I was immediately overcome by food envy which made my inner fat person pretty upset. Having said that, my eggs were perfectly cooked, fluffy and light with a huge doorstep of sourdough, a few sesame seeds in the bread added another element and overall I was happy. When the opportunity arose, the hunter-gatherer within pounced and I managed to swipe some of hers under the guise of an Ibis bird outside; it was delicious, with just the right amount of goats cheese and dukkah.

Smashed Avocado with goats cheese and dukkah on sourdough.

Smashed Avocado with goats cheese and dukkah on sourdough

To sum up, the service was excellent, the food solid and add to that the surroundings, great coffee and biodynamic produce and Whispering Vines is a great find rivalling some of the best cafes in Melbourne’s CBD. I would like to see a few more options on the menu, but overall a fantastic find that I fully recommend.

The lake at Whispering Vines

The lake at Whispering Vines

Price – 8

Quality of food – 9

Atmosphere – 7


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